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America's Lowest "Online Tuition" Community Colleges & Their Online Programs

Today's fast-paced technical innovations are impacting every industry,  but in Higher Education - Technical innovations in the delivery of content has not just changed the playing field, but most importantly the players.  

Community Colleges that were once "local" in reach can now be "global", but technology alone a community college global will not make.  While online delivery of educational programs provide global access to community colleges, the true innovators, and market leaders are the colleges which have "open up" their borders and for the first time are realizing that the US, their State, and their schools can now generate new revenues from outside their "physical footprint" and without taking away from their local population but instead enhancing their educational experience.  

It is these innovators that are highlighted in this section; it is these colleges that are offering low "Online Tuition" for US non-resident distance education students. In the past, and currently still in many community colleges nationwide, these US "non-resident distance education students" were charged ridiculously high "Out of State" tuition to take "online classes"; in fact discouraging them from enrolling in these.  

These "Out of State Distance Learners" may never set foot on their campus, but their tuition dollars could benefit those who do, and the innovative community colleges featured here are embracing, and rolling  out "the online carpet" to those students and their additional tuition dollars. 

New technologies, new content development tools, and new delivery channels have now opened your access to online programs from community colleges nationwide.  If your local community college does not offer the program you are seeking online, or if the program is too expensive - then check the online offerings of the community colleges listed here - these are community colleges nationwide which are increasingly redefining   their "community" footprint to include a "global online community of distance learners".

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - NON-RESIDENT DISTANCE LEARNERS:   While some community colleges have opened up "the online carpet" to include international students, and offer them the same or close to the same low online tuition rates - the fact is that most still penalize international students who are not in the US and are non-resident of the college's community - these students are charged a significantly higher rate for either campus-based or online programs.

While some of the programs of these "low online tuition" colleges may be highlighted in the programs section of this site - these schools usually provide a lot more online programs that we could include.  Therefore, whether the programs highlighted on this site are the right ones for you or not - you should check the individual schools' online program listings link for other possibilities.  


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