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To participate in one of the MOOCer Forums, please click on the Forum below dedicated to the MOOC Platform whose MOOCs you are taking, have taken or will be taken, and follow instructions:


1. Upon Opening, tap on "General Board", in the middle of your screen and you will be taken to the main forum screen,


2. On this screen, you can join existing discussion threads or click on the brown button "Create Thread" about midway in your screen to start a new discussion, 


3. To create a new thread you will be asked to log in as a guest, and follow those instructions, but save your password so you can come back to the forum on your mobile app or on your desktop.


4. Please follow general forum etiquette by not using foul language, posting any offensive content/material or advertising services/businesses/groups/etc. Thank You.  - General MOOCers Forum  - Coursera MOOCers Forum - Edx MOOCers Forum - Futurelearn MOOCers Forum - MiriadaX MOOCers Forum - Iversity MOOCers Forum - FUN MOOCers Forum -  Edraak MOOCers Forum - Udacity MOOCers Forum



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